Jason Thomas

Opinion Contributor

Jason is a Christian, a Conservative, and a lifelong North Carolinian. He's a proud father of two incredible daughters, and a volleyball dad at the college and high school levels. He's been married to Lisa since the last millennium and has spent his career as a leader and executive in telecommunications and manufacturing. Jason won several obscure awards for corporate journalism early in his career, then revived his passion for the pen in 2020 with The Resurgent. He is inspired to bless the world with his musings on politics, college sports, finance and occasional frivolity. Follow Jason on Twitter and Parler: @jasonthomas01.

Opinion: There’s a new villain and we must all be afraid

With the grandparents locked away and the youth banished, what’s left of the heinous family unit is free to gather for the fall and winter holidays, as long as their numbers don’t exceed the scientifically determined sum that varies from state to state.

What the GOP hopeful in 2024 needs in order to win

What got Donald Trump elected in 2016 is precisely what got him (seemingly) defeated in 2020. He broke the mold. He called it like he saw it. He took no prisoners. Whatever your favorite cliché is for shocking the world, Trump did it.

Republican presidents and first term crises

Reagan and Bush rose above the crises that threatened to render them one-term presidents. They were aided in large part by their grace, humility, and the sympathies of their political opponents.

Remember when debates mattered?

Voters in 2020 were largely deprived of meaningful and memorable debate moments. Blame the commission, the moderators, the candidates, and the system of early voting.