Steve Berman

Opinion Contributor

Steve Berman is a transplanted northerner living in the Atlanta area. For over 30 years, Steve has been a technology entrepreneur, creating, building, and selling businesses. Steve has been writing about politics and social issues for nearly a decade. It started with a “diary" on RedState, and quickly moved on to professional writing. He has written for other well-known web publications and was one of the original writers who helped Erick Erickson launch The Resurgent in 2016.

Steve’s work has been published by Fox News, and he has been cited on the New York Times opinion page, and quoted by the Washington Post. He is excited to be involved with the latest project, The First, as an opinion writer.

A Jewish believer in Christ, Steve lives and worships with his family in the Atlanta suburbs, after moving to central Georgia from New Hampshire over 28 years ago.

Two really bad Biden Executive Orders, and one good one | Steve Berman

On President Biden’s first day, he signed a stack of Executive Orders that reflect his administration’s priorities. From the list, it’s clear that Biden’s top priority is to undo everything President Trump did in four years. I am not certain of this, but I think no president in history has moved so quickly to revoke …

The good fights | Steve Berman

Maybe history will be kinder to President Trump than the main stream media is today. Maybe the Trump insurrection will find its place in the history books like the Bonus Army riots, the Dorr rebellion, and Harpers Ferry. That is for future historians to decide.

Georgia’s GOP is dead, dead, dead | Steve Berman

Let us have a requiem. The Republican President of the United States told an audience in Dalton (northwest part of the state, just south of Chattanooga) that he is going to spend the next eighteen months campaigning against the Republican Governor of Georgia. Gov. Brian Kemp has been nothing but gracious and supportive of Trump; …

Trump’s extraordinary taped call with Raffensperger | Steve Berman

Either President Trump really believes he won the election in Georgia, despite the certified, validated, recounted, audited, and litigated results, or he is acting like Vito Corleone in The Godfather. In an remarkable hour-long personal call, of which taped portions were obtained by The Washington Post, the president appeared to make Georgia Secretary of State …

How COVID lockdowns kill | Steve Berman

When this is over, we are going to look back with grief and some regret at how the “cure” for this pandemic has sacrificed so many, whose deaths were so unnecessary and preventable.