Steve Berman


Steve Berman is a transplanted northerner living in the Atlanta area. For over 30 years, Steve has been a technology entrepreneur, creating, building, and selling businesses. Steve has been writing about politics and social issues for nearly a decade. It started with a “diary" on RedState, and quickly moved on to professional writing. He has written for other well-known web publications and was one of the original writers who helped Erick Erickson launch The Resurgent in 2016.

Steve’s work has been published by Fox News, and he has been cited on the New York Times opinion page, and quoted by the Washington Post. He is excited to be involved with the latest project, The First, as an opinion writer.

A Jewish believer in Christ, Steve lives and worships with his family in the Atlanta suburbs, after moving to central Georgia from New Hampshire over 28 years ago.

In the home stretch, the closing horse tends to win

I don’t believe the Hunter Biden coverup story. I also don’t believe President Trump is heading for a landslide loss to Joe Biden. I don’t believe any of the media reports anymore because they’re all in service of a narrative. The polls show that Georgia is now a battleground state, with Biden up between 1 …

This is why we need 9 SCOTUS justices

How could anyone possibly accept the results of an election that was decided by federal judges monkeying with ballot eligibility, and failed to be decisively affirmed or overturned by an evenly-divided Supreme Court?