WINS: Hymietown Did This | Steve Berman

Democrats duked it out in New York City, as once again, it’s proven that you don’t blame American Jews for what Israel is doing and expect to win there. Remember Rep. Jamall Bowman, the guy who pulled a fire alarm at a Washington congressional office building last year and then told a horrendous lie like “I was trying to get to a door”? No? Well, you won’t remember him for sure now, because he lost–as an incumbent–his primary to another Democrat, a 70-year-old, white guy–Westchester County Executive George Latimer. You know how hard it is for a hip, black incumbent to lose to an old white guy? You gotta try hard.

Bowman is a Jew-blamer, or at worst, a Jew-hater. He blamed the pro-Israel AIPAC for his own political stupidity, and now he has paid the price for his racism. Yes, racism. He was also one of The Squad, the idiotic Democrat cabal consisting of Brooklyn’s Brainless Prom Queen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the antisemitic Rashida Tlaib, and a bunch of other losers. Now Bowman, the Brainless Prom King, is gone, so maybe the Squad will become the Expendables.

Paraphrasing the words of Jesse Jackson, who never left a dime on the floor of the homeless shelter without pocketing it, Hymietown did this.

But there’s more. Do you know who went 16/19 in last night’s primaries? Donald Trump. The AL-East leading Yankees are winning .642 before the All-Star break, two games ahead of Baltimore, but Trump beat them. Now it helps that in 11 of those 19 races, Trump-endorsed candidates were running unopposed, and 8 of those 11 are incumbents who didn’t try as hard as Bowman to lose.

If we remove the 11 unopposed races, Trump candidates went 5 for 8: .625, which would put him one game ahead of the Orioles and one game behind the pin-stripers. Lauren Boebert, despite a brilliant back-stab by departing House member Ken Buck, switched districts, winning the 4th Colorado. Boebert is a dodo-brain and not my favorite legislator, but she managed to avoid a political guillotine.

Mark Burns lost to a candidate supported by South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster, Sheri Biggs. He came within 1% of winning, but couldn’t pull it over the line. This proves that local endorsements frequently carry more weight than national–even Trump–as we’ve seen in Georgia. In Utah, Celeste Maloy won a close race against Colby Jenkins for the 2nd CD.

One interesting point: all of the uncontested wins that Trump-endorsed candidates piled up came from New York. Who said the Empire State hates Trump? Only the political ghouls in the Big Apple fight to be the biggest Trump-hater, and they’ve taken their pound of flesh from him. (See, a Jew reference.)

We’ll see how Trump does among disaffected Jews, since President Joe Biden has been less than a warm blanket to many who support Israel, though he at least condemns the idiots who attack synagogues in Los Angeles. There’s a reason they don’t call LA “Hymietown.” And there’s a reason Jews are nervous about who Biden pals around with.

I hope in the debate CNN asks some hard questions about Israel, but I doubt they will. If Jake Tapper is worth anything at all, he’ll ask.

In any case, hooray for the Hymies, who kicked another racist antisemite to the curb.

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