DEMOCRATS POUNCE: Media Craters on Alito “Secret” But Stupid Recording | Steve Berman

In 2021, “filmmaker” Lauren Windsor faked five white supremacists in Virginia and tried to pose them in a dirty political trick as supporters of then-candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin five days before the election. Windsor, a veteran of Occupy Wall Street, is a regular on leftist television with Rachel Maddow, and spreads her diseased takes like maggots breeding flies in places like the DailyKos and the execrable The Nation. She also fakes being a conservative to get into private dinners and bait Supreme Court justices. She’s sick in the head.

Windsor cornered Justice Samuel Alito, pretending to be a devout Catholic, and threw whatever spaghetti she pulled from her smooth brain against the wall to see what Alito would answer.

The Washington Stand reported that the recording contained this example of what’s being called “extreme” opinions by Alito.

In an exchange with Alito, Windsor stated, “People in this country who believe in God have got to keep fighting for that — to return our country to a place of godliness.” Alito responded, “I agree with you. I agree with you.”

So shocking! A Catholic agreeing with someone who purports to be Catholic at a Supreme Court Historical Society dinner! I mean, where’s the decency? But the grist mill running at leftist-inspired media must have grist to grind.

NPR: “Alito, Roberts recordings obtained ‘in service of reaching a greater truth'” and “in service of a public good.” They just eat whatever Windsor spoon-feeds them.

AP News: “Justice Alito questions possibility of political compromise…” The AP sees nothing wrong with agitprop and lying to get scintillating “extremist” quotes (a Catholic agreeing that God is important to our nation). But Alito’s response is now the story. Fish wrappers smell less bad.

Politico and the New York Times brought Alito’s wife into the picture.

In an interview with POLITICO Magazine, the progressive activist and documentarian discussed how and why she posed as a sympathetic anti-abortion activist to secure candid — and pugnacious — comments from Alito and his wife, including on the controversy surrounding the Alitos’ decision to fly politically-coded flags at their properties.

Wow, the communist-aligned reporter Rolodexes (and iPhone contact lists) were burning up to line up interviews with Windsor. It’s not like this is a setup, right?

Of course it’s a setup. It’s dirty, filthy, political tricks, which is what Windsor excels at. She’s trying to undermine the legitimacy of the Supreme Court because there’s more conservatives on that bench than the leftists would like. For 50 years, progressives have enjoyed an imbalanced SCOTUS that did whatever they wanted. Now they have to deal with a Court that turns to–gasp!–the Constitution, and to God.

They can’t have that! So they resort to the lowest deceptions and tricks, and Windsor is just the ticket to bring them.

Watching the media pounce on this reminds me, and every American, why nobody trusts them.

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