Many point to Adolf Hitler as the most evil man in modern history, but there’s another tyrannical, sociopathic, murderous dictator of the 20th century that goes largely unmentioned: Cambodia’s Pol Pot.

Pol Pot engineered a killing spree that targeted dissenters, ethnic groups, and anyone suspected of posing a threat to his regime. That included civil servants, doctors, teachers, and other professionals. Millions were stripped of their possessions and forced to toil in the fields as part of Pol Pot’s “re-education program.” Nearly all were worked to death. In the end, the Communist Dictator brutally killed a quarter of his country’s population. His murderous reign began in 1975…Thirty years after the death of Hitler.

Fast forward to present day, a time in which ‘The System’ aims to crush, displace, silence, or even eliminate those who seek and speak the truth.

Could our tyrannical government and their global communist friends take a page from Pol Pot’s playbook?

Radical students and teachers are shutting down dissent in the classroom to advance their radical far-left agenda. Properly educating Americans about REAL HISTORY allows us to finally FIGHT BACK.

Arm yourself with the facts you need to destroy the progressive narrative.