Stand with Israel: Defending Democracy

The existential threat to Israel is baked into the tiny nation-state’s DNA. Israelis live with the specter elimination by contiguous and far-flung enemies 24-7, which makes the extraordinarily courageous and robust citizenry a formidable opponent when under attack. So when Hamas, the terrorist organization that runs the Palestinian territory, sent rockets over the border — Israel defended herself. This gave way to a familiar pattern, which included breathing new life into anti-Semitism here in America and globally. What gives? How is the public so misinformed about Israel’s contribution to the region, to science and technology, to security, and to America’s prosperity and stability? Mike Slater with guests Lisa Daftari, businessman Charles Mizrahi, and former Ambassador Ido Aharoni explain. This show will give you the ‘ammo’ you need when engaging with the haters!