As Nancy Pelosi has been around forever…she’s literally a fossil. And recently, people have begun to ask – why is she still here? From increasing moments of incoherent mumbling into news cameras, to shady stock market gains, there’s a lot we don’t know about the Speaker of The House. Until now. First TV Host, Mike Slater, Exposes the Truth about The Speaker of The House and connects the suspicious dots across her long history in American Politics.

What do we really know about her upbringing and what motivated her path to power in the first place? Understanding that provides a much clearer picture of how Nancy Pelosi became who she is today. But that’s not all. How does Pelosi consistently force her progressive agendas through the House of Representatives? One of our expert guests has witnessed it firsthand and provides surprising insight into what really goes on behind the scenes. Plus, what impact has Pelosi’s reign had on the district she actually represents? Is it good enough to fend off a new challenger to her Congressional set.

Find out in this First TV Exclusive Special: Nancy Pelosi Exposed!