Barrett: no promises to Trump

Amy Coney Barrett from Confirmation Hearings

“Senator Leahy, I want to begin by making two very important points, and they have to do with the ACA and with any election dispute that may or may not arise. I have had no conversation with the president or any of his staff on how I might rule in that case. It would be a gross violation of judicial independence for me to make any such commitment or for me to be asked about that case and how I would rule. I also think it would be a complete violation of the independence of the judiciary for anyone to put a justice on the court as a means of obtaining a particular result. And that’s why, as I was mentioning, I think to Senator Grassley that the questionnaire that I fill out for this committee makes clear that I have made no pre-commitments to anyone about how I would decide a case. That’s out of respect for Article 3 and its designation of the judiciary as a coequal and independent branch of government.”