‘ZERO SYMPATHY’: GOP States Push Back on NYC, D.C. for Calling Migrant Influx a Burden

Both NYC Mayor Eric Adams and Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser are asking the federal government for help dealing with their illegal migrant problem; Adams and Bowser blame border states for busing the migrants up north.

“Local taxpayers are not picking up the tab. They should not pick up the tab,” Bowser said. “We really need a coordinated federal response. We know that it’s done for refugees who come to the states from all points of the world and the same has to be done in this situation.”

“In some instances, families are arriving on buses sent by the Texas and Arizona governments, while in other cases, it appears that individuals are being sent by the federal government,” Adams said in a statement.

GOP states say “take it up with Biden.”

“The State of Arizona is providing voluntary transportation for asylum seekers only to Washington, D.C., not New York,” Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said. “President Biden created the crisis at the border — he’s failed to respond to calls for action and refuses to even visit the border, so we’re bringing the issue a little closer to home for him.”

“If these Democrat mayors are now that concerned about having migrants in their cities, they should call on President Biden to do his job and secure the border, instead of attacking Texas with baseless political accusations,” Renae Eze, a spokesperson for Texas Gov. Abbott said.

“This is a direct result of President Biden’s open-border agenda, which most liberal politicians (including the Mayor of NYC) have vocally supported,” DeSantis spokesperson Christina Pushaw told Fox News Digital. “In other words, we feel for the innocent citizens harmed by the Biden Border Crisis, but we have zero sympathy for the politicians who created it and now complain about the predictable results.”

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