ZELDIN to DeSANTIS: Kathy Hochul is Florida’s ‘Best Real Estate Agent’

Republican Lee Zeldin called-out Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul on Fox News Tuesday night; referring to his opponent as the “best real estate agent” for Florida.

“There are Democrats who feel like the party has gone too far left,” Zeldin explained. “There are Democrats who want safe streets. They oppose congestion pricing. They oppose COVID vaccine mandates. There’s a reason why New Yorkers are heading down to Florida.”

“They see that Gov. DeSantis down in Florida respects freedom,” Zeldin addded. “He’s reversed that tax on wallets, on safety. He is someone who is welcoming businesses, individuals, and families to have an American dream down there. The bad news for Gov. Ron DeSantis is that he’s about to lose his best real estate agent, who will be fired a week from today,” referring to Kathy Hochul.