YOU’VE BEEN SERVED: Watch Loudoun County Students Serve Affidavits to School Board

Well, that’s certainly one way to make a statement.

Loudoun County parents and students have had it with mask mandates and school board overreach —and they’re taking their schools back.

Earlier in the week, a leaked email revealed one Loudoun County school’s plan to obtain warrants to arrest students who show up for class without a mask.

“This was sent out by ⁦@LCPSOfficial⁩ to all Principals in Loudoun County this afternoon. And these people think they’re on the right side of science and history. . .”

According to Red State, the email was sent by John Clark, the Director of Safety and Security for Loudoun County Public Schools to the Loudoun County principals on Feb. 1.

After word got out, Loudoun County parents and students who oppose masking showed up big to push back, serving piles of legal documents including affidavits to school board members.

Watch the clip below: