‘YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT THAT’S AN INVASION’: TX Rep. Chip Roy Declares an Invasion at the Border

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) spoke out on Tuesday against the influx of migrants crossing into Texas via the southern border; Roy says it’s time to call it what it is —an invasion.

“We should declare an INVASION. We should, as Texas, turn people AWAY, and do what is necessary to secure our communities,” Roy said during Tuesday’s “End the Invasion” announcement.

Watch the clip below:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared the announcement, as well, saying “Hell yes it’s an invasion!! And it’s affecting our entire country! We need to impeach the very people enabling it to happen. #EndTheInvasion”

From The Daily Caller…

“For the first time in U.S. history, several counties in Texas, outside of Congress, have declared an invasion–a Constitutional solution we have been advocating for over a year,” former Trump administration officials Russ Vought and Ken Cuccinelli, both affiliated with the Center for Renewing America, said in a joint statement Monday.

“While it is unfortunate the Biden Administration has aided and abetted the destruction at the border and put Americans last on the world stage, we’re proud to stand with the history-making county judges, sheriffs and attorneys who didn’t rely on the Federal government, or even the governor to protect their families, ranches, and communities. We ask Governor Abbott to follow the example set by the leaders in Goliad, Kinney, and Uvalde counties and stop with media gimmicks and treat the invasion of American sovereignty as such,” they added.

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