‘YOUR NETWORK LIES’: Joe Rogan Destroys CNN’s Sanjay Gupta for ‘Horse Dewormer’ Narrative

Joe Roagn wasted no time going after CNN’s Sanjay Gupta during a recent episode of his podcast the Joe Rogan Experience. CNN was responsible for propagating a story that Joe Rogan was taking ‘horse dewormer’ when he came down with COVID-19.

“Calling it a horse dewormer is not a flattering thing,” Gupta said. “I get that.”

“It’s a lie. It’s a lie on a news network,” Rogan fired back. “And it’s a lie, that’s a willing, that’s that’s a lie that they’re conscious of, this is not a mistake.”

“Yeah,” Gupta acknowledged.

Rogan pointed out that everything he was taking to combat his COVID was prescribed by a doctor and that the drug he was taking won its inventor a Nobel Prize.

“Why would you say that when you’re talking about a drug that’s been given out to billions and billions of people,” Rogan asked. “A drug that was responsible for one of the inventors of it making, winning the Nobel Prize in 2015. A drug that has been shown to stop viral replication in vitro. You know that, right? Why would they lie and say that’s horse dewormer? I can afford people medicine, motherf***er. This is ridiculous. It’s just a lie. But don’t you think that a lie like that is dangerous on a news network when you know that they know they’re lying. You know that they know that I took medicine–“

Watch the exchange below.