YOU WANT AMMO? YOU GOT IT: EU Sends $500M in Arms, Fighter Jets to Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is being met with more resistance than they bargained for —and now, according to recent reports, it may get even tougher for Putin and his cronies.

According to Axios, EU countries have agreed to send $500 million in arms to Ukraine to help them defend against Putin’s push toward Kyiv.

“I will today propose to use the European Peace Facility for two emergency assistance measures — to finance the supply of lethal material to the Ukrainian army, as well as urgently needed fuel, protective equipment and medical supplies,” The EU’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced.

“President Zelensky’s leadership and his bravery, and the resilience of the Ukrainian people, are outstanding and impressive. They are an inspiration for all of us,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, calling the new policy a “watershed moment.”

As reported by Axios:

  • Germany, which had come under intense criticism for refusing to export weapons to Ukraine during the military buildup, reversed its position and said it would send 1,000 anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger missiles to Ukraine.
  • Sweden, an EU member that is not in NATO and has historically maintained a neutral position in global conflicts, said it will send 5,000 anti-tank weapons, 5,000 helmets, 5,000 body shields and 135,000 field rations — as well as $50 million in funding directly to the Ukrainian military.
  • Denmark will transfer 2,700 anti-tank weapons and allow volunteers to join a foreign brigade to fight with Ukraine.
  • Belgium is sending an additional 3,000 machine guns and 200 anti-tank grenade launchers, Zelensky tweeted Sunday. 
  • Hungary said it would not provide arms to Ukraine but committed to sending 100,000 liters of fuel and 28 tons of food, according to Ukrainian authorities.