‘YOU SHOULDN’T BE FIRED OVER SHOTS’: DeSantis Considers Law Preventing Vaccine-Related Firings

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is taking a play out of Greg Abbott’s playbook.

While speaking in St. Pete Beach, Florida yesterday, DeSantis discussed his intentions to protect Floridians from being fired for vaccine-related reasons.

“I think you need a law to be able to just say you shouldn’t be terminated for this reason,” DeSantis said. “Whether you’re working for the police department, the sheriff’s department, the fire department; whether you’re working for a small business, a large business, I don’t think you should be fired over these shots.” 

“DeSantis said he didn’t think he could ‘unilaterally’ block employers from firing the unvaccinated using executive action, although he pledged to explore all options. Instead, he suggested that the Florida legislature would probably have to take the lead,” Bloomberg reports. 

Yesterday, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed a similar executive order, protecting Texans from employer-mandated vaccinations.

“No entity in Texas can compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19,” Abbott wrote in an executive order.

Both DeSantis and Abbott are being floated as potential GOP presidential candidates in 2024.