‘YOU SHOULD ALL RESIGN IMMEDIATELY’: Loudoun County School Board Blasted for Covering Up Sex Assault

Concerned school parents in Loudoun County are calling for the resignation of Superintendent Scott Ziegler – others are demanding the whole board resign.

After a bombshell report from the Daily Wire revealing the district may have covered up a sexual assault in one of its high school bathrooms, more than 60 parents attended a virtual school board meeting where they were given just 1 minute each to voice concerns.

“The meeting became contentious almost immediately, with most of the ire directed at…Superintendent Scott Ziegler, who notably said, in a meeting over the summer, that LCPS did not have ‘any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms,’ in reference to concerns that opening girls-only bathrooms to students who identify as female could expose students to danger,” the DW continues.

But the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department does have a record of a school assault – one they’ve been investigating for months. 

“We can confirm a May 28, 2021 case that involved a thorough 2-month-long investigation that was conducted to determine the facts of the case prior to arrest. This case is still pending court proceedings. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office is not able to provide any documents that pertain to a pending case,” the Sheriff’s office said.

Meanwhile, parents were livid – blasting board members for negligence and incompetence.

“This is not China, this is the United States of America, and we will not be silenced,” one woman told the board. “Remove the superintendent immediately and then resign for your negligence and duplicity. End this nightmare!”

“The [transgender bathroom policy] was rushed through to a vote without consideration for the safety of all students, simply to satisfy a liberal agenda — a policy that you knew full well would allow our children to be abused inside our schools,” another woman said.  Ziegler’s “moral compass is busted,” she continued, accusing the board of being “complicit” in the two alleged sexual assaults that occurred in area high schools, “because you did nothing about it.”

“There is something seriously wrong with a system that prioritizes reporting a rape internally to the superintendent so that they can control the narrative instead of calling the police,” another parent added.

One parent cut right to the point: “you should all resign immediately.”

[h/t Daily Wire]