‘YOU GOT TO STAY PRAYED UP’: Mark Wahlberg Congratulates Son, Others on Confirmation Day

In a recent Instagram video, actor Mark Wahlberg expressed how proud he was of his son for making his confirmation —”a sacrament in which the Holy Ghost is given to those already baptized in order to make them strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ,” according to catholic.com.

“Good morning from Europe,” Wahlberg explained. “I just got down on my hands and my knees to express my gratitude on a beautiful day. Congratulations to my son Michael for making his confirmation.”

“All the young people out there who are confirmed and taking their relationship with the Lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys have made,” he added. “Congratulations to all of you.”

From The Daily Wire…

He also told his followers that he had been “listening to a beautiful prayer” on the Hallow app, which the company describes as a “Catholic Prayer & Meditation App.”

In April, Wahlberg, a proud Catholic, encouraged his 18 million followers to “stay prayed up” and say the Rosary with him, as he mentioned the app, as previously reported by The Daily Wire.

“I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people who have been praying every day and finding peace,” Wahlberg posted on social media. “And especially sending wonderful messages about doing the Rosary with me on the Hallow app.”

“Let’s do the Rosary together and stay prayed up,” he added. “You got to stay prayed up. God bless you.”