‘YES, MY PLAN CALLS FOR BLOWING UP DRUG TUNNELS’: AZ Gov. Hopeful Lake Wants to Go After Smuggler ‘Terrorists’

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is taking, perhaps, the most aggressive stance against the southern border invasion to date: blow up the drug tunnels, take out the smuggling terrorists.

“It sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it? It’s part of my border plan. I have the strongest, most bold and aggressive border plan of an elected official or official running for office —it’s called “Defend Arizona.” And we will start to defend our own border.

“The U.S. Constitution in the guaranteed clause Article 4, Section 4 requires that the federal government protect us from invasion and [Biden] isn’t doing that —he’s completely dropped the ball. But the U.S. Constitution has a remedy for us: Article 1, Section 10 —we can protect ourselves from invasion. My border plan will do that.”

“We will allow our Arizona Guard to start arresting people crossing the border and sending them back. And part of my plan allows us to blow up these drug smuggling tunnels…and I don’t care if the smugglers are in the tunnels when we take them down —these people are terrorists.”

Watch candidate Lake below: