WRONG! Watch Cuomo Trash Trump for Saying ‘China Virus’ in 2020, Insists It’s a ‘European Virus!’

New questions emerged Wednesday about the questionable origins of COVID-19 as Joe Biden directed his intelligence agencies to investigate the disease; prompting many to ask why the mainstream media outright dismissed similar claims as “conspiracy theories” for more than year.

“Let’s stay on the economy… Why is New York doing so much worse than the rest of America?” asked one reporter from MSNBC in October 2020.

“Remember what happened here. New York had many more cases. New York was hardest hit because the White House said ‘China Virus.’ It wasn’t the ‘China Virus’ it was the ‘European Virus.’ It came from Europe,” deflected Cuomo.

“They didn’t do a European ban until March 16th. That means the virus was coming here on planes from Europe for three months. That’s why New York was ambushed by the Coronavirus,” he added. “That’s why we had to shutdown the way that we did. We shut it down.”

Watch Cuomo above.