WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY? O’Reilly Says Joe Could Be a Big Flop

No spin – that’s what you get with America’s newsman.

Bill O’Reilly took a moment on his No Spin news program to draw parallels between President Biden and 15th President James Buchanan.

It wasn’t a flattering comparison.

“Jimmy Buchanan was the worst president in the country’s history. Why? Because he didn’t do anything as the north and the south were tearing each other apart verbally. He even denied there was much of a problem. And then all of a sudden there was a civil war and Jimmy had no solutions. He didn’t even engage. It was the biggest disaster in American history.”

Then, Bill brings Biden in.

Now, Joe Biden reminds me of James Buchanan. Is Joe Biden going to be that bad in the end? I don’t know. Could he be? Yes, he could. Yes, he could. It’s the same kind of denial about what the root problem is in any social situation. He just won’t acknowledge it, doesn’t acknowledge it. So, 200,000 foreign nationals crossing the southern border every month, encountering Border Patrol and DHS agents every month, 200,000, Joe’s not worried about that. I’ll put Kamala in charge of it. She’s going to deal with it, but she’s not actually going to go down to the border. I mean, this is embarrassing. This is embarrassing, just like James Buchanan was embarrassing. James Buchanan just sat there in the White House, he didn’t do anything. Meanwhile, the whole country is falling apart.”
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