‘WORSE THAN JIMMY CARTER’: Home Depot Founder Blasts Biden Over Inflation

Must people aren’t buying the “Putin’s Price Hike” narrative coming from the left —including Home Depot founder Ken Langone, who says Biden is worse than President Jimmy Carter.

“This was a real serious case of inflation. We lost a whole year on addressing the issue. Only because, frankly, we have leadership today in America that isn’t willing to admit when they’re wrong. They made a terrible blunder here, and now the price has got to be paid,” Langone told host Fox News’ Neil Cavuto.

Biden’s now saying, he’s now blaming the oil companies. This is a disgrace. The oil companies are reacting to supply and demand. You’re going to see it in their earnings when their earnings come out. If they’re making all this much money, where are they in the numbers? It’s wrong. It’s absolutely wrong,” he continued. “And nobody’s doing anything about it yet in a way that going to address the issue.”

Biden said earlier this week that he is doing everything within [his] power by executive orders to bring down the price and address the Putin price hike.”

Again, not buying it.