WINSOME SEARS: ‘George Washington is the Father of America, The Left Can’t Change That’

Lt. Governor of Virginia Winsome Sears blasted the far-left during a recent interview with Fox News, saying the Left can never cancel George Washington and James Madison.

WINSOME SEARS: We have a new sheriff in town, and his name is Glenn Youngkin. We have a team. I am here. We also have a new attorney general, Jason Myers. And it’s not going to happen because these proposals that you’re talking about were made under the previous Democrat governor, his administration. Well, this new administration is not having it. You’ve already heard the governor say that we’re going to teach history, all history, the wicked, the evil, and the good parts. But we’re not going to let people destroy what we’re doing here in America, because that’s what ultimately they are hoping for. If you say that Madison was not the father of the Constitution, then what you’re saying is that the Bill of Rights don’t really mean anything because he is pretty much the father of the Bill of Rights as well, because the Bill of Rights that America enjoys was first written from Virginia’s Bill of Rights. Madison was the one who brought that in. And then, of course, the father of our country. Everybody knows this. Even the Chinese know this. The Russians know this because they study our history to know how to go. Washington is the father of our country, and had it not been for him, we might have had a monarchy, the very thing that we fought to get rid of. So we know we’re not going to change.