‘WHY ARE TROOPS FACING CONSEQUENCES?’ GOP Stands up for Jailed Marine Who Criticized Afghanistan Withdrawal

The Biden administration is responsible for the worst foreign policy debacle in almost 50 years; one that cost 13 American service members their lives. But when Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller called for accountability, releasing a video criticizing Biden and his top advisers, he was jailed.

Now, GOP members want answers.

Representatives James Comer (R-KY), Nancy Mace (R-SC) and more than two dozen members of Congress have written letters calling for the release of  Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, whose incarceration they believe was “politically motivated.”

“In order to facilitate oversight over the military’s decision to relieve Lt. Col. Scheller of his command and incarcerate him in what appears to be a politically motivated investigation, we request a Member-level briefing no later than October 7, 2021 on his incarceration, the underlying investigation against him, and what, if anything, the Department of Defense is doing to ensure that it is not unfairly or unlawfully retaliating against whistleblowers.”

Read Rep. Comer’s statement below.