WHOOPI’S WARPATH! Goldberg Compares Criticism of Hollywood Elites to Racism Against ‘Black People’

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg scolded her View co-hosts Thursday for critiquing ‘Hollywood values’ after the Great Oscar Brawl of 2022; equating the criticism to “racism.”

The group was discussing Will Smith’s now-infamous attack against comedian Chris Rock last Sunday evening.

“But then they gave him a standing ovation, though, Whoopi, which I think, again, goes back to why some people feel like Hollywood elites are a bunch of hypocrites,” Setmayer jumped in. “They go out there and they give these statements of moral superiority about things, and political statements, and then they’re standing there giving a standing ovation after [Smith] just assaulted Chris Rock.” 

“I just want to stop with this ‘elite’ stuff because, you know, a lot of us work for a living. We work. We collect a check. We got families. We try to do the same thing, the good stuff that everybody else tries to do. And it really pisses me off when people start to talk about people who work in Hollywood, not just actors, but all the other folks,” Goldberg ranted.

“So, please, when you’re talking about actors, be specific. If you’re pissed off about somebody or how they act, don’t put it on all of us because that’s like saying all Black people like chicken,” she added.