WHO YOU GONNA CALL? Anti-Cop Ice Cream Shop Gets Burglarized, Calls Cops

A Seattle ice cream store that has been very vocal about its anti-cop stance was robbed this earlier this month —and who do you think they called? A social services specialist to help de-escalate the situation?

Nope! Cops.

According to a public disclosure request of the 911 call filed by The Post Millennial, on October 4 a burglary was reported at the Ballard location of the Full Tilt ice cream chain. Two males reportedly broke into the store, grabbed some items from inside, and then fled in a van which was allegedly stolen from a local school.

The van was spotted but not pursued. The Democrats in the Washington Legislature passed House Bill 1054 which took effect last year and prohibits police from pursuing suspects in vehicles unless there is probable cause that the suspect has committed a violent or sex offense or there is reasonable suspicion the motorist is driving under the influence…

The caller’s information was not disclosed according to code 1(d), where the caller requested non-disclosure of their information according to RCW 42.560.240(2). The explanation given by the Seattle Police Department was that “The complainant’s, victim’s, or witness’s indication at the time of the complaint controls the determination whether to disclose.”

So soft-on-crime liberal bastions have trouble with…crime?

The [ice cream] chain has been politically vocal on social media for the far left since its inception and frequently posted anti-police rhetoric and memes, as well as support for the Black Lives Matter movement even while BLMactivists were rioting and destroying stores in Seattle in 2020. On the day the deadly Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was established by armed activists from the organization, the chain called out Starbucks for not supporting the movement by allowing their employees from wearing BLM attire, even as the coffee chain’s windows were being smashed regularly in the riots.