WHIPPING A DEAD HORSE: Squad Member Ayanna Pressley Tries to Resurrect Border Patrol Whip Story

This has been debunked —even before an investigation was carried out. This is beyond settled for most Americans —but not squad member congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).

One year ago today, Border Patrol Agents were photographed allegedly whipping migrants trying to cross the Rio Grande. The claim was quickly debunked by the photographer who took the pictures; he stressed no whipping had ever taken place.

President Biden said the non-whipping was “outrageous.”

“I promise you those people will pay,” Biden said of the agents during a White House press conference. “There will be consequences … It’s dangerous, it’s wrong. It sends the wrong message around the world, it sends the wrong message at home. It’s simply not who we are.”

Vice President Kamala Harris got in on the fraud.

“Human beings should not be treated that way,” Harris said, adding there “needs to be consequences and accountability.”

Again, the whipping never took place. But congresswoman Ayanna Pressley really wants you to think it did.

“This happened one year ago today. #1YearAfterDelRio, we won’t stop fighting for *real* accountability & an immigration system that affirms asylum as the fundamental human right that it is,” Pressley tweeted.

From Town Hall:

Despite the claims of whipping were quickly debunked shortly after the photos and videos of the incident were released, they caused Democrats and progressives to falsely accuse the horseback agents of crimes they did not commit. After a lengthy investigation, border officials determined the agents did not strike the Haitians illegally crossing into the Del Rio Sector during the international bridge crisis.

Pressley’s tweet was quickly rebuked by users for perpetuating misinformation.