WHIPPING A DEAD HORSE: Emails Reveal Mayorkas Knew Agents Didn’t Whip Migrants, Went With it Anyway

This whipping story just won’t die.

According to Fox News border correspondent Bill Melugin, newly uncovered emails reveal Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas knew that the Border Patrol Agents accused of whipping migrants in the Rio Grande never actually whipped anyone.

Mayorkas rolled with the story anyway.

“NEW: Email reveals DHS Secretary Mayorkas was alerted by DHS’ top public affairs official that the ‘whipping’ narrative behind horseback BP photos wasn’t true, but at a WH press conference 2.5 hours later, he didn’t refute that narrative, instead calling the images ‘horrifying,'” Melugin tweeted.

“The email was sent to Mayorkas and other DHS officials by Marsha Espinosa, assistant secretary of public affairs for DHS. It was sent hours after President Biden falsely accused the agents of ‘strapping’ migrants and promised they would ‘pay,’ and hours before Mayorkas’ presser,” Melugin added.

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