WHERE’S JOE? Biden Picks Harris as ‘Voting Rights Czar’ to Fight GOP’s ‘Assault on Democracy’

President Biden selected his Vice President to lead the administration’s effort to protect “voting rights” Tuesday; giving Kamala Harris another prominent role 71 days after appointing her the ‘Border Czar.”

 “Today, I’m asking Vice President Harris to help these efforts, and lead them, among her many other responsibilities,” Biden said during a visit to Tulsa, Oklahoma. “With her leadership and your support, we’re going to overcome again, I promise you, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of work.”

 “It’s a truly unprecedented assault on our democracy, ” Mr. Biden told the crowd.

“Ms. Harris has already been tasked with leading the administration’s efforts to deter migration to the southwestern border by working to improve conditions in the Northern Triangle countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The vice president — who will visit Mexico and Guatemala next week — and her staff have worked to reframe expectations around her role, stressing that she will examine the root causes of migration, not single-handedly stop the flow of migrants to the United States,” reports the NY Times.

h/t New York Times