WHERE’S JOE? Biden Goes 100+ Days Without Major Interview, Handlers ‘Petrified’

President Joe Biden continued to dodge major events with the press in recent months, with some pointing out the Commander-in-Chief has gone more than 100 days without a major interview despite a series of global crises impacting America.

From Fox News:

Biden’s last media interview was his pre-Super Bowl appearance on Feb. 10 with NBC’s Lester Holt, which remains his only one-on-one interview with a mainstream journalist in 2022 to date. To get a sense of how much news has struck the country since that time, that was two weeks before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Holt and Biden covered Democratic governors and their state coronavirus policies, the “tense standoff” at the time between Russia and Ukraine, the chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and inflation, among other topics. 

The only two other interviews Biden has participated in since then were friendly sit-downs in late February with historian Heather Cox Richardson and progressive YouTube host Brian Tyler Cohen. 

“If you don’t do an interview in 102 days, that shows that his handlers are petrified he’ll say things like he just said about defending Taiwan, for example, because that requires a cleanup on aisle five,” Fox News contributor Joe Concha told “Fox & Friends First” Monday, referencing Biden’s remarks that the U.S. would defend Taiwan militarily if it was attacked by China.