WHERE’S ILHAN? Violent Crime Surges in Minneapolis After Omar’s Demand to ‘Defund Police’

Violent crime spiraled out of control in Minneapolis in recent weeks following months of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s demand that local governments “defund” police departments and other law enforcement agencies.

From Fox News:

“Defund the police” supporter Rep. Ilhan Omar’s city is experiencing a sharp increase in most crimes, data shows. The spike comes just one year after she backed a failed campaign to dismantle and replace the Minneapolis Police Department.

Omar represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, which encompasses the city of Minneapolis. So far this year, citywide crimes have spiked in nine of 14 categories over the same time period last year, according to a Fox News Digital review of crime statistics.

“Minneapolis is a case study in what happens when municipal leaders decide to demonize the police and criminal justice system for their political advantage,” Charles Fain Lehman, a Manhattan Institute fellow who works on the group’s policing and public safety initiative, told Fox News Digital.

“As in many other big cities, homicides and other violence spiked in the city following the murder of George Floyd and rise of the defund the police movement—a movement to which Minneapolis uniquely capitulated,” Lehman said.