‘WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT?’: Grassley Blasts Biden’s Energy Policy, ‘One of the Main Reasons We Have Inflation’

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) blasted Biden’s anti-American energy policies during a recent interview, calling them one of the main factors contributing to the historic, 40-year high inflation. Grassley says the “energy policy of this administration is one of the main reasons we have 8.6% inflation — [it’s] probably half of it.”

“When you shut down pipelines and you stop drilling, and you put regulations on fracking and you tell the banks not to loan them [energy companies] money, what would you expect?” he asked. ”We see what you can expect — $2 or more increase in the price of energy since this president came to town, and it’s just ridiculous.”

President Joe Biden ”could rescind those policies right away, and we would get half of the inflation that we have right now,” Grassley continued. ”It would be the biggest inflation fighter program that he could put into effect.”

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