WHAT NOW? Bernie Blasts WENDY’S, Blames Higher Prices for Milkshakes on ‘Corporate Greed’

Unhinged Senator Bernie Sanders called-out the Wendy’s fast food chain on social media Thursday; blaming higher prices for milkshakes on “corporate greed.”

“Wendy’s increased its net income by 70%, pays its CEO 532X more than its median worker & is spending $100 million on stock buybacks. Now it’s blaming the rising price of a Frosty on inflation? No. The problem isn’t the Wendy’s worker who got a 50 cent raise. It’s corporate greed,” posted Sanders on Twitter.

The national inflation rate rose to 7.9% in February compared to the same period last year, the biggest increase since January 1982.

President Biden blames the higher prices on Vladimir Putin, the Covid pandemic, and supply chain problems.

The inflation rate when he took office was 1.6%.