WHAT HAS HE ACCOMPLISHED? Clay and Buck Dig Into the Collapse of Biden’s COVID Narrative

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BUCK: You’ve got New York City setting the all-time record for covid cases. You’ve got national covid cases spiking. The narrative, as we refer to it, is in a state of collapse. But instead of reevaluating and changing things up… You know, Clay was down in Florida. I was down in Florida for the break. AOC was down in Florida, if you’re wondering. They’re all so terrified of Ron DeSantis. But the moment they want some freedom, sunshine, and good times?

They run to Florida or maybe Texas or maybe Tennessee or a number of other states where things are much more chilled out, shall we say. The closest thing you can have as an American in 2022 to the feeling you must have had in East Berlin circa 1960 is leaving Florida for New York City. I gotta tell you, it is mind-blowing when you arrive here the amount of fear and anxiety and everyone’s masking and they’re masking outside and all of this.

What exactly has the Biden regime accomplished in the last 12 months? The January 6th insurrection anniversary is this week. Clay and I will talk to you a lot about that today too. But what has Biden done well in 12 months? Where is the one thing? Anyone who says covid is out of their minds, okay? Crush covid? Shut down the virus, not the economy? Not true. That is not what happened.

I mean, Clay, the observations that one must have from going in and out of a free state to a place like this… New York City is the worst in the country now for covid cases but also for covid madness. It does feel increasingly like we are in a postevidence, postdata phase of the pandemic where now it’s just all the habits. Now it’s all the Fauciism in place of reason.

CLAY: We told everyone exactly what was gonna happen when we left right before Christmas, and I echo what you said. I hope everybody had a great Christmas, great New Year’s, great early holiday season. But even predicting and expecting what we were going to see, the level of lying and duplicity and dishonesty as everyone tries to scramble to pretend that they never said what we heard them tell us for months… I mean, Buck, this was over the last couple of weeks, to me, the ultimate collapse of Joe Biden’s entire 2020 promise, to the extent you want to call anything that he says a promise.

The basis for his campaign was, “I’m gonna shut down the virus,” and worse than that, every bit of data that he tried to rely on in his first year… Buck, just think about it. They told us mask up, social distance, let’s just focus on masks. And now everybody is coming out and saying what you and I have been saying for over a year: Cloth masks don’t work; they’re totally worthless.

We were told, screamed at, harangued, that if we got the covid shot, that you would not only not get covid… That’s what they told us, although they’re trying to shift the story now. You would not only not get covid, it would end with you, and you would never be able to spread it to anyone else. We are sitting at all-time highs in covid, and everything and that they lectured and us that they said, “You aren’t allowed to discuss” has been proven to be a lie. The party of science has failed on an epic level the likes of which most of us have never seen in our lives.

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