‘WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?’: Zelenskyy Challenges Putin to Face-to-Face Meeting

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy challenged Vladimir Putin to a face-to-face meeting Thursday; asking the Russian leader “what he’s afraid of” while assuring him he “doesn’t bite.”

“Sit down with me to negotiate, just not at 30 meters,” Zelenskyy told reporters, referencing recent photos showing Putin holding “meetings” with advisors at a massive table while maintaining social distancing.

“I don’t bite. What are you afraid of?” Zelenskyy added, according to the Associated Press. “Any words are more important than shots.”

 “You spoke this week with President Biden. How would you describe your conversations with the U.S. leader? Do you believe the Americans waited too long to give Ukraine the support you need to push back this Russian offensive?” Fox News Trey Yingst asked the Ukrainian President.

“We have good contact. I can tell you the truth,” Zelenskyy responded. “It’s a pity it began after the beginning of this war, but we have it. My appreciation to him and to his team. We can speak now often.”

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