WHAT ARE THEY HIDING? Police Group Sues for Release of Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto

The National Police Association filed a lawsuit this week to ensure the manifesto written by Nashville shooter Audrey Hale is released to the public.

The material has been concealed by the Nashville Police Department and FBI since the massacre took place on March 27th.

Six people were killed in the attack, including three children.

“It has been more than a month since the shooter was killed and the officers involved have been praised for their actions in the incident,” Doug Pierce, an attorney for the NPA, said. “Accordingly, there is no criminal case and there is no reasonable likelihood of there ever being a criminal case arising from this incident.”

“The Metro Nashville Police Department has sought to rely upon a rule of Criminal Procedure to deny public access, but those Rules only relate to a ‘criminal proceeding,” Pierce added. 

“Due to pending litigation filed this week, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department has been advised by counsel to hold in abeyance the release of records related to the shooting at The Covenant School pending orders or direction of the court,” the Nashville Police department tweeted Wednesday. 

This is a developing story.