WE’RE WITH RON: Americans Back DeSantis, Abbott in Migrant Busing Showdown

Americans feel sanctuary cities are being hypocrtical.

According to a new poll done earlier this week by RMG Research for the American First Policy Institute, a conservative think tank led by former Trump administration leaders, more than 60% of voters say it’s “hypocritical” for blue state lawmakers to place blame on border states for busing migrants.

Biden’s failures at the border is the bigger problem.

“Sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities is politically popular,” the polling memo concluded.

From The Washington Times:

More than 60% of voters believe drug cartels have control of the border, compared to just 19% who believe the U.S. government is on top of things.

And by 54% to 28%, voters doubted the administration was serious about wanting to secure the border and cut illegal immigration.

More over at The Washington Times: