WELCOME TO THE HOTEL CALIFORNIA: LA City Council Readies Vote to put Homeless in Empty Hotel Rooms

Well, that’s one solution. A terrible one, but technically a solution.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, the Los Angeles City Council is preparing to vote on an initiative that could force hotels to report vacancies and house homeless individuals in empty rooms.

That’s right —”force hotels to report.”

From The Daily Wire:

Unite Here Local 11, a progressive union representing 32,000 hospitality workers in southern California and Arizona, reportedly gathered over 120,000 signatures for a proposed initiative ordinance that would require all hotels — luxury to family-owned — to house the city’s growing homeless population. 

“It’ll help create an emergency solution for people that need housing immediately,” Maria Hernandez, communications director for the union, told FOX 11. “We have members that are on the edge of potentially becoming homeless people.”

Ray Patel, president of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association, called the initiative “crazy.” 

Patel said the association’s members are worried about the initiative, noting security concerns for his customers and staff.

“When I rent a room, I want to make sure my staff is safe,” Patel told FOX 11. “I want to make sure my paying guests are safe.”

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