‘WE HAVE TO DEFUND CLIMATE TYRANTS’: Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Defund John Kerry

Texas Rep. Chip Roy introduced a bill on Thursday that would defund President Joe Biden’s envoy for climate —John Kerry. The bill is entitled the No Taxpayer Funding For Climate Zealots Advancing Radical Schemes Act or the No Taxpayer Funding For CZARS Act and it already has some serious support.

Co-sponsors include GOP Reps Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA), Thomas Massie (KY), Lauren Boebert (CO), Scott Perry (PA), Mary Miller (IL), Louie Gohmert (TX), Andy Biggs (AZ), and Greg Steube (FL).

“Hardworking Americans are struggling every day to afford gas and electricity because of the disastrous energy policies peddled by hysterical fools like John Kerry,” Roy said in a statement to The Daily Wire.

“The Biden administration’s jet-setting ‘climate czar’ is actively destroying reliable American energy by saddling us with outrageous commitments at hypocritical climate conferences, pressuring banks not to lend to fossil fuel producers, and fighting to end oil and gas production,” Roy told The Daily Wire.

“Enough,” Roy concluded in his statement to The Daily Wire. “If we’re going to fight for energy freedom in this country, we have to defund climate tyrants like John Kerry; my bill would do just that.”