WE GOT NOTHING: White House Has No Plan on How to Lower Rising Gas Prices

Gas prices are currently at a 7-year high. The states with the highest average per-gallon prices are California ($4.45), Hawaii ($4.13) and Nevada ($3.90).

The Biden administration doesn’t exactly have a plan to alleviate pain at the pump for Americans, though. In fact, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre failed to find any positive spin during a recent press conference.

When a reporter asked Jean-Pierre what can be done – other than tapping strategic reserves – the Deputy Press Secretary didn’t have anything encouraging to say.

“You know, we have — we don’t have an announcement yet on anything — anything to share at this time,” she responded. “You know, but we’re monitoring it. Right? We’re monitoring the prices and we’re making sure that we have tools in our toolbelts that we can — we can — we can try and use. But at this time, I don’t have anything new to share.”

So…nothing? You got nothing?

“So I don’t — again, I don’t — I don’t have anything specific here,” she responded. “The President spoke to this recently. But he’s also asked the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) to crack down on illegal pricing. Right? That is one thing that he did on gouging in the market.  And the FTC is responding. But, also, we’re going to continue to monitor the situation and have a number of tools in our arsenal. As I just mentioned, I don’t have anything specific.”

The cost of crude is currently above $80 a barrel, according to AAA.