WAY BELOW AVERAGE JOE: Biden Approval Below 43% in 46 States

Another poll, another bad day for Biden.

According to a new CIVIQS poll, which surveyed 166,617 Americans, Ol’ Joe’s approval rating is at just 34%. His disapproval rating stands at 56%, while 9% neither approve nor disapprove.

“Biden’s approval is below 43% in a whopping 46 states — and in West Virginia, whose moderate Democrat senator, Joe Manchin, has repeatedly clashed with the president — he stands at just 17%. Nearly 80% of West Virginians disapprove of his job in office so far,” the Daily Wire reports.

“What’s more, Biden’s approval rating is in the 30s in several swing states, including Florida, Arizona, and Georgia. And he’s at just 23% with independents nationwide, a voting bloc that helped put him into the White House.”

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