The System Controls Our Perceptions

We, as a nation, are so DESPERATE for the truth. We have our government and leaders of our country, who constantly lie to us and deviate from the truth so much, that we don’t know what to believe. Case in point, the Southwest Airlines debacle. We have Southwest Airlines and major news outlets peddling the lies that over 1,800 flights have been cancelled, due to severe weather patterns disrupting air travel. How is that the case when no other airline was affected by this so-called ‘bad weather?’ Or, was it that the pilots and crew staged a massive ‘sickout’ in protest of the company’s vaccine mandates? The government, the media, and even Big Tech are colluding together to cover up THE TRUTH, to change our perception of reality, and to have that power over us that they aim for. It’s the lack of clarity, the lack of information, and the lack of truth that Americans are starving for. Mike Slater shares more about this on today’s show.