The Rebound w/Kash Patel

American Attorney and Trump Advisor

Kash Patel is an American attorney and former government official. He served as a U.S. National Security Council official, senior advisor to the acting Director of National Intelligence, and chief of staff to the acting United States secretary of defense during the Trump presidency. A member of the Republican Party, Patel previously worked as a senior aide to congressman Devin Nunes when he chaired the House Intelligence Committee. He was previously a federal public defender, a federal prosecutor working on national security cases, and a legal liaison to the United States Armed Forces. He played a key role in unearthing wrongdoing by the FBI and DOJ in the then President Trump Russia-gate matter. Kash was the author of “The Nunes Memo” which proved that FISA’s were illegally and unethically secured for political motives. Kash is an accomplished author and currently has a best selling book titled “Government Gangsters” available now.