The Impact of the Supply Chain Chaos on the Restaurant Industry

On today’s special report, we delve into how the supply chain problems are hurting restaurants across the country. Restaurant owners are seeing shortages or delays on getting imperative supplies, such as paper goods, oil, perishables and non-perishables, and dry goods. Many restaurants have even gone as far as taking seafood off the menu because more than 80 percent of seafood in the U.S. is actually imported. Fish that are caught in the U.S., are then shipped to China and other countries to process, and then we buy them back, because other countries don’t have the regulations in place like we do in America. This whole ‘higher demand reason’ that the government is pushing is a lie. What this crisis boils down to is that we have a poorly run supply chain, alongside labor woes, all combining to create this crisis we are currently in. Chef & Slapfish Restaurant Owner, Andrew Gruel, sits down with Jesse to share how his restaurant has been affected by the supply chain crisis, and the details surrounding California trying to ban the use of natural gas, including in restaurants.