Striking the Root of COVID Rules

We are being demoralized and humiliated as a society, yet this is what happens when the government takes control of people, all in the name of FREEDOM. That is exactly what is happening with all these COVID rules and regulations. Take, for example, the COVID rules at airports. Masking will most likely be a permanent policy at airports. If you ask why, the answer could be within the lines of looking back in history. Fifteen years ago, Abdulla Ahmed Ali tried to make an explosive out of a Coke bottle, yet we are still not allowed to bring liquids on airplanes. It was the same thing with the shoe bomber over twenty years ago. We still have to take off our shoes at the airport. These examples just prove Mike Slater’s point that masks will be a forever thing at airports, yet none of it is backed by science. Mike Slater strikes the root on the ridiculous COVID travel rules.