Slater’s Life Lesson on Envy

You’ve heard the sentiment that the ‘grass isn’t greener on the other side.’ You see people’s lives, mostly through the lens of social media, and you think to yourself how you really ENVY them. Why, though? Not everything is as perfect as it seems. We know that, though, right? Let’s take Real Estate Developer Mohamed Hadid, for example. He built a sprawling 30,000 square-foot-mega-mansion in Bel-Air that now must be torn down because it was deemed as being a danger to the public. It was supposedly the house that many WANT, which makes you want to ENVY it. On today’s life lessons show, Mike Slater shares how Hadid’s Bel-Air mansion ties into his three powerful reasons as to why envy is a sin and why we should not be envious of others. Instead, we need to be grateful for what we have and never, ever envy others.