President McUnity’s Administration Crumbles

You don’t have to know brain science to realize that Biden’s presidency and his entire administration are crumbling. Just when one thought that the border crisis couldn’t get any worse, it has. Yet, the White House refuses to call it a crisis, or even let alone care, unless of course it has to do with peddling horse whipping lies, then they’ll speak up about the ‘horrendous stuff going on at the border.’ How can they even be taken seriously? In the latest round of Biden’s crumbling administration, comes U.S. Special Envoy for Haiti Daniel Foote stepping away from duties in protest of Biden not listening to him and even changing his policy recommendations. If that’s not bad enough, Biden is also planning on opening up GITMO to house Haitian refugees. Yes, that GITMO that he originally vowed to shut down. Dana Loesch bends the knee on President McUnity and his crumbling administration.