Marxist Dems Unveil ‘Gender Equity’ Strategy

Between the ongoing border crisis, the inflation crisis, the supply chain crisis, and the foreign policy crisis, the Biden administration should actually just be referred to as the administration of crises. Yet, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have turned their attention to an issue that really is of the utmost importance: Gender equality and equity! The Biden administration just unveiled the first-ever National Strategy for Gender Equity and Equality. What these gender-bending Progressive Democrats and their pronouns don’t realize, is that this strategy actually has NOTHING to do with gender, because it doesn’t mention MEN at all. So, it’s a strategy for gender equality and equity, yet it has nothing to do with equality because it excludes men. Make sense, doesn’t it? Dana Loesch bends the knee on the gender-bending Marxist Dems pushing their woke gender ideology.