Kamala Harris: The DISGRACED Border Czar

The situation at the border is probably the worst it’s been in at least eight years, if not more. Migrants are coming across the border in record numbers, living in inhumane conditions, all while not being tested for COVID-19 in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. Needless to say, Border Czar and Vice President Kamala Harris has washed her hands of the situation, as she is NOWHERE to be seen, unless of course she decides to make a statement to peddle the horse whip lie. Kamala has continuously lied about the situation, and now, she is putting the blame on Border Patrol Agents who are being demonized, while trying to do their jobs. Former Police officer and Author of “Beaten Black and Blue: Being A Black Cop in an America Under Siege,” Brandon Tatum, shares his thoughts on the impression and opportunity we are giving to these migrants to say come one, call all and enter the United States. As a Former Policy Officer, Tatum also details the morale of the Border Patrol Agents, and the impact this has made on the warriors and heroes who protect our societies.