Joe Biden: The Monumental Disaster

The only cohesion and common denominator in Joe Biden’s administration, is whatever puts the United States in the most disadvantageous position. As Biden continues to cave to our enemies, he continues to chastise those who are actually taking action and trying to help our country. One example of this, is the border patrol agents, who are actually doing what they can to contain the situation at the border, yet we have members of the government coming out and chastising them for doing their jobs, while peddling on fake stories of horse whips used on Haitian migrants. They are actually picking these migrants up along the Rio Grande Valley section of the border, and then dropping them off elsewhere around Texas, and then they flee across the country. Yet, Americans needs vaccine passports just to travel, and for their civil liberties to be violated with all these mandates, but no migrants are tested at the border, nor are they required to get the vaccine. How is this not hypocrisy at its best? Florida Congressman Brian Mast joins Dana to discuss Biden’s foreign policy disaster, and his administration’s hypocrisy at the border.