WATCH: Joe Biden is Lying to the American Public About Energy

Dana Loesch called-out the Biden administration during her new special ‘Biden’s Big Oil Lie’ this week; claiming the President is intentionally misleading the American public over the country’s escalating fuel crisis.

“If we had something similar happen under the Trump administration, would we be able supply ourselves with energy? Could we help supply Europe with their oil and gas needs?” asked Loesch, referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Absolutely. I have no doubt about that,” said Tim Stewart, the President of the US Oil and Gas Association.

“The challenge now is that the President, in the middle of a Ukraine crisis, goes to Europe and makes promises to our allies. It would have been very nice if he talked to us before he did that,” he added. “The President’s making promises and then he comes to us and tells us we have to deliver.”

“He should tell his climate envoy John Kerry to stop threatening the industry!” explained Stewart.